K-Laser Cube Performance


K-Laser Cube Performance


The K-Laser Cube Performance redefines laser therapy by pushing the limits of technology and precision beyond the gold standard.

Developed on the solid foundation of the Cube 4, the Performance adds new capabilities and power to the Cube series, delivering fast & fluid navigation and uniform laser profile while remaining remarkably lightweight and easy to use. 

Defining Features
The K-Laser Cube Performance has all of the features of the Cube 4, plus additional new features made possible with the latest advances in technology.  Exciting new features include:

- 4 wavelengths (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970 nm).
  Can be emitted simultaneously or in any combination.
- Watts Continuous Wave (CW) power, 5 Watts super pulse (ISP).
  Shorter treatment times and faster ROI.
- New optics producing a unique homogeneous beam profile (HBP)
  resulting in the most consistent and safest application.
- Faster microprocessors yield accelerated function with
  more detailed graphics.
- New powerful laser diode module results in efficient treatment times
  and rapidly delivered dosages for a variety of morphologies.
- More robust protective stainless steel fiber optic sheath for increased durability.
- New nanoceramic scratch-resistant anti-corrosive protective coating
  on hand piece .
- New standby mode increases battery life and decreases boot up time.
- Impressive high tech Carbon Fiber like appearance. 
- Newly designed quick access hand piece cradle to withstand heavy usage.
- Incorporated WiFi antenna - for software & diagnostic expansion. 
- Variable Environment Technology  (VET):
  Laser adapts to extreme temperatures with no delay to acclimate.

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