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7 valuable features worth looking into.



Protect your data from foreign privacy laws like the American Patriot Act by using Canadian servers. Our datacenter is protected by the latest biometric and surveillance technologies as well as redundant systems to ensure data safety and proper access. 

Technical Support 

Our Canadian based CustomerCare team is available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for all NuonBackup users. For those that need more we offer 24x7x365 support. Both options include a guaranteed 95% live response on first call. 


Highly Secured

Built on our “Defence in Depth” methodology, there are multiple levels of security encompassing the physical, logical, network, application and storage layers. All data is encrypted and stored in a CSAE 3416 Type II and PCI DSS compliant world-class datacenter. 


Backups and Restores 

For situations where you do not require a complete system restore, you have the ability to quickly and easily restore files or folders within minutes, completely online with a standard web browser. 


Rapid Deployment

Quickly and easily deploy NuonBackup across your entire organization from a centralized location, regardless if you have a single-site deployment or a multi-site deployment scenario. 

WAN Optimized 

With our advanced SuperBlock incremental/differential backup technology, complete data backup from remote offices over a standard xDSL/cable connection is now not only possible, but can also be completed in a fraction of the time required for traditional tape-based solutions. 


Data Protection

Whether you want to backup 50 GB, 1000 GB, or more NuonBackup can complete the job. Storage needed to backup your critical data can be provisioned on demand without any system downtime. 


Premium Is the New Standard


What some service providers call premium services we call standard. With an included offline seed load and live IT support both on the phone and online, we offer a premium service at a sensible price.

This service plan pairs proven technology with quick competent IT support to keep your backup running. You will see that maintaining your service is our top priority. 



  • 100 GB of storage (Compressed GB, Additional storage available)
  • Open File
  • Microsoft Exchange Database 4
  • Microsoft Exchange Brick Level 4
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • System State
  • SuperBlock technology
  • Dynamic scaling of bandwidth
  • User defined retention 2
  • 40 Exchange mailbox backup
  • Unlimited live weekday phone & online support (365 day support available)
  • 24 x 7 x 365 web management portal access
  • 99.9% nancially backed SLA (99.99% SLA available) 5
  • Complimentary data seed load 1,3
  • Unlimited monthly Internet data transfer

Need Additional Options?

We offer additional services to accommodate most business needs.
If there is something not listed don’t hesitate to ask. 

1 The one included seed load / reverse seed load can only be used for post-implementation. It cannot be applied for the initial seed load as part of every NuonBackup implementation.
2 Standard data and database retention is 14 days, 8 weeks, and 6 months.
3 This includes shipping, an external drive, and the encrypted data. We do not do the restore of the data. We provided a copy of the encrypted data with all of its retention and the customer is responsible for the actual restore via the Nuon- Backup Agent (oBA). Storing of the de-cryption key is the responsibility of the customer. Nuon Imaging WILL NOT be able to reset or recover the de-cryption key if lost or forgotten.
4 A dedicated Microsoft Windows service account with administrative privileges is required.
5 SLA applies only to Nuon Imaging’s core Internet connectivity at Nuon Imaging’s datacenter. SLA does not apply to customer’s last mile Internet connectivity.

Competitive Comparison 

Our Service
Is Our Difference

Have you ever had an IT problem that required you to call in for support? It seems everyone can relate to that. When you call into our CustomerCare team we are ready to respond. Talk directly to an agent without lengthy wait times or confusing phone prompts. You will see that maintaining your service is our top priority.

How Secure
Are the Alternatives?

Our servers are intentionally located in Canada to protect them from prying eyes like those behind the unrestrained American Patriot Act. Our competition can’t say the same.

Being Reliable
is What We Do

Finding a backup service that has all of the features you need is hard enough, finding one that is also reliable is near impossible. Our standard NuonBackup service is feature rich, sensibly priced and reliable. When stacked up against the competition you will see the benefits.