Have a Few Questions? No problem we have answers!

+ How is data privacy maintained?

All data is encrypted before being sent for secure storage in our world class datacenter. Your self assigned encryption key is the only thing that will allow anyone to decrypt your data. The encryption key is NOT stored at Nuon Imaging, nor is it stored on our remote backup servers.

+ Is it safe to backup my data over the Internet?

Cloud computing relies on transferring les and data over the Internet. Nuon Imaging’s NuonBackup service is secured and complies with highly-regulated industry standard encryption methods like AES, TripleDES and TwoFish. Nuon Imaging’s NuonBackup service protects your information with:

  • A secured portal login page featuring a highly encrypted SSL certi cate ensuring that your login credentials are safe.
  • Point-to-Point SSL communication between server and client.
  • Secure encryption of all data stored on Nuon Imaging offsite data backup servers through 128- bit and 256-bit symmetric key encryption (AES, Triple DES, TwoFish).
  • Random Initializing Vector - a salt and iteration count is automatically generated by the software for EACH le when data is being encrypted.
  • Choose between encryption modes: either Electronic Cook Book (ECB) or Cipher Chain Block (CBC). 1024-bit RSA public key encryption (used by most certi cate authorities today) for offsite data backup traf c.
  • All data is encrypted on the client’s device before it is transmitted to Nuon Imaging’s datacenter.

+ How do you ensure that my data is safe and available when I need it?

Our entire infrastructure utilizes best-of breed vendors like Cisco Systems and DELL enterprise-class servers and storage array systems. Our redundant infrastructure is built on industry leading Cisco networking technology to ensure that your data is transmitted securely, ef ciently and error- free to our offsite data backup servers. Nuon Imaging has the capability to scale our on-demand storage requirements to over 800+ Terabytes (TB) of disk-based storage with advanced SAN (Storage Area Networking) technology. If your business requires even higher availability and recovery thresholds, NuonBackup can be con gured to perform a local backup on your storage device to accommodate rapid recovery of large data sets.

+ Is it possible to restrict the ability to restore files to only a select few computers?

Yes, this is possible. We understand that the data being backed up can be sensitive and that there should be security around who is authorized to restore corporate data and to where.

+ How are large amounts of data restored?

One of the unique value propositions that Nuon Imaging has over other online backup solutions is that we are able to provide you two options:

  • Local backup capability. Customers can enable NuonBackup to perform data backups onto their local storage device in addition to online offsite backup. This will allow them to restore large data volumes 10-50 times faster than restoring from the offsite datacenter.
  • Reverse seed load. For customers who do not have a local backup of their data, Nuon Imaging can also ship out a copy of your encrypted backup data stored on our backup servers at the Nuon Imaging Datacenter. Typically we would be able ship out a secure encrypted drive to you by the next business day.

+ Is there a trial period?

Yes! You can sign up for a FREE 30 - day trial account with at least 25 GB of space. This way, you can evaluate our solution at your own pace, with no obligation to buy.