Rayence TFT Detector 1417WGB

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1417WGB .jpg

Rayence TFT Detector 1417WGB


Key Features

127µm, smallest pixel size in the industry, gives high resolution images without compromising image quality 8.5mm, the minimized dead space helps users easily capture images of subtle areas Removable handle allows for optimized approaches for photography Available for both wireless and wired uses Battery to be continuously used while recharging, users can easily tackle urgent situations even when the battery is empty Electronics shielding makes it possible to use in even the harshest environments Capability to connect between detector and computer.

Smart and Robust Design for Easy Accessibility Rugged Performance for Better Productivity • Minimized dead space, reducing difficulties of detecting subtle areas • Ultra-thin and light detector design increases portability and ease of carrying • Removable handle enables use in various applications • Robust Mg-casted case • Special electronics shielding protection, allowing use of a wide energy range • Stable operation in dynamic temperature range • Vibration, shock, and water-resistant design for operation in the harshest environments.

Wireless / Wired Operations for User Convenience • Both wireless and wired modes are available for various and dynamic field situations • Flexible options for choosing access points and ad-hoc communication modes • Strong wireless connection provided with WPA2/WPA security • Low power consumption during battery charging mode available while the detector is operating.

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