K-Laser Cube 4

Cube 4 front med.jpg
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Cube 4 front med.jpg
Cube 4 human_rgb.jpg

K-Laser Cube 4


First and only to combine 4 wavelengths into one laser.
Maximizing absorption by the 4 primary light absorbing complexes to stimulate rapid tissue repair is why the Cube 4 was designed. The Cube 4 incorporates up to 20 Watts of power and 4 wavelengths (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm).  Emitted simultaneously or alone, operators can achieve maximum stimulation, eliciting a more rapid healing and repair response than the competition.

Defining Features

- 4 wavelengths (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm).
  Can be emitted simultaneously or in any combination.
- 15 Watts Continuous Wave (CW) power, 20 Watts peak Intense Super Pulse (ISP).
  Shorter treatment times and faster ROI.
- Pulse range from 1-20,000 Hz, enhances therapeutic effect by targeting
  multiple parameters of tissue repair and inflammation reduction
  without tissue adaptation.
- QRT technology allows for rapid switching of accessory tips (NT) 
- Easy to use pre-programmed protocols eliminate any uncertainty.
  Operator adaptable software is easy and customizable. 
- rotocol selection by size, body part, skin tone, pain and chronicity level automatically
  adjust output treatment parameters for increased safety and effectiveness
- Zoom lens hand piece enables operator to have complete control of
  power density
- Software updates downloaded via USB port/Quick export of patient
  history to computer
- Less than 3.5lbs makes the Cube lightest in its class and extremely portable
- Built in Lithium Ion battery provides up to 75 minutes of treatment time
- Incorporating the industry’s first solid-state diode module, reducing heat and
  preventing thermal and mechanical stress, ensuring a stable laser emission
  without fluctuations
- 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on laser/industry leading lifetime
  Diode warranty

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